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Production & Logistics

Quality prioritised

Our seal is an expression of guarenteed product quality under production conditions that meet the highest industry standards of hygiene. Our suppliers are subject to rigorous inspections by appropriate authorities as well as the norms of the European Union.

We are able to present the complete process of a production cycle through our HACCP concept. This allows us to notice any possible errors timely and to locate them accurately. Further more, every lot for an order is inspected by us.

Rigorously checked processes safeguard the system of our cooling chain from arrival through to the consumer. We offer permanent quality control with traceability from arrival via the various production stages through to the final check of Öztat doners per our own quality management.

Production optimized

The entire staff of Öztat is both trained as well as made aware of all legal guidelines. Through a constantly planned and checked production process we ensure consistent quality and freshnesss of our products.

We produce our tasty meat, available in special flavors in addition to our normal variant, with the latest technology and traditional recipes.

Our hygiene commissioner keeps all production spaces and of course the workflow under their control. In order for you to enjoy the freshness of our meats, all doner products are immediately ° after production deep-frozen at -40 C.

Timely and fresh

Öztat Delivery Service utilizes the just-in-time principle so that our orders are delivered on schedule. We guarantee the adherence of legally mandatory guidelines for the safety of the cooling chain.

The doner products are delivered in modern cooling vehicles at -18 C°. All Öztat doners have a shelf life of 6 months from day of production.

We are there for you

Our qualified support staff is always available to you for questions or other matters.